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About Walter

I grew up in Central Indiana where quite frankly not a whole lot happens.   Time stands still here a bit even to this day which is just fine with me.   Anyway, my mother loved singing and art (painting, drawing, or writing), and my father loved music, travel, and baseball.   He was definitely into hi-fi, and it was not unusual for music to be playing.   We also traveled all over the United States (mostly by car) and Europe.   In short, I'm sure I inherited my love of music (including singing) and travel at an early age.

My first professional job was in product development as a hardware & software specialist working with digital imaging, system interconnects, file systems, real time processing, and device drivers.   Subsequently, I transitioned into designing/implementing communication networks (data, video, and voice).   In other words, I have an engineering background.

Before my first professional job, I met my wife in college at Ball State University in Muncie, IN.   We had one son and almost immediately afterwards moved to Rochester, NY for work.   After a while, we moved back to Central Indiana where we currently reside.   Nonetheless, we are still good friends after all of these years of marriage, and we are about to have our first grandchild.

I have had many hobbies over the years such as model trains and planes, software programming, electronics, photography, growing orchids, boating, performance cars, home theater, high fidelity audio, and travel just to name a few.   Some I have dropped such as models, growing orchids, performance cars, and home theater.   Some have transformed such as boating went from Jet Skis to a Jet Boat to now a canoe or travel use to be all over the United States, Canada, or Mexico to mostly confined to areas east of the Mississippi river.   At present, I still do software programming, electronics (mostly audio related), travel, some photography, and high fidelity audio, and I hope to do some more canoeing in the future.