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Car Hobby

Updated on February 25, 2016

Automobiles for me are more than just transportation, but I do drive a lot. Some years I probably have done 30 to 35 thousand miles in a single year across multiple cars, and most of the time I'm going to a destination. Although, sometimes driving is the destination. Vehicles provide me a sense of freedom, exploration, and exhilaration; and some are just good to look at. The act of driving calms me and centers my emotions as strange as that might sound (except for in a traffic jam obviously).

I am probably not the typical car guy. Oh sure, I collected Matchbox cars as a kid, and I have done a lot of my own maintenance on my vehicles over the years such as fluid & filter changes, alternator replacements, carburetor rebuilds, ventilation system repair, and etc. I even have my own car lift in my garage. Also, my father and his brothers (my uncles) all worked in the automotive industry, and one of my uncles designed cars. Nonetheless, I feel that a true car guy loves all kinds of vehicles whether that be minivans, sport utility vehicles, trucks, sedans, or performance vehicles; and this can be any make or model. Although, I do have a particular fondness for performance vehicles, and no matter who makes one I can find ones that I really like such as:

I am sure I'm missing some as well. Regardless, I feel a true car guy isn't just a Chevy, Dodge, Ford, or even a Volkswagon, Mazda, Honda, or any other manufacturer guy. He can appreciate all cars. Sure I have my own preferences as most do, but I do enjoy going to shows and seeing all kinds of makes and models.

A couple of my favorite cars that I have owned especially from a performance perspective have been:

My 2010 Corvette Z06 in front of the museum on delivery day

My 2014 Focus ST at a Cars & Coffee in Indianapolis

Additionally, I enjoy high performance driving (track time), attending shows, and visiting museums. To learn more about this or my car history, select one of the buttons above (on the ribbon of color).

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