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I have always loved music, and I love to sing.   In fact, I use to play trumpet and sing in a choir.   In addition, I have always been interested in better audio fidelity.   In short, my relationship with audio is more than just the toe-tapping nature of music, but it is the nuances, arrangement of instruments, and the clarity of hearing the music.   It is obvious that the most people could care less about how the music sounds; otherwise, products utilizing highly compressed digital audio would have never taken off like it did.   There is nothing wrong with that, and some of those products have improved quite a bit over the years.   Nonetheless, poor sounding music is like listening to nails on a chalkboard to me.

Some will say I'm an audiophile, and some say not.   I concur audiophiles have gotten a bad reputation in certain circles and sometimes deservedly so including for things like buying cables costing hundreds or thousands of dollars and claiming a great enhancement to audio fidelity.   You will find no such thing here.   In fact, I have spent plenty on products before only to feel mislead by claims from reviewers or disappointed by its performance and/or quality including out right failure of the product shortly after the warranty period ran out.   Nonetheless, you can't always disregard a company due to one bad product.   I have purchased products from a company, had a bad experience, and turned around years later and bought a product from that same company that was great.   Sometimes companies have different teams working on products which can make some products excellent and others no so much.   In addition, companies go through ebb and flows.   Sometimes they make great products as a whole, and sometimes they make junk.   Also, I have purchased products that either netted no improvement or made the sound quality worse.   It happens.   Actually, I almost got out of this hobby due to various disappointments, so I know how discouraging it can be to find good quality audio products.   It's not easy, but hopefully if you stick with it long enough and perhaps with the information here and elsewhere you can find what you are looking for.   I know that I'm finally in a place where I am enjoying music the most I have in years, and this can be done without spending thousands and thousands of dollars.   In fact, just because a product costs more does not dictate performance or quality in any way.   In addition, since there are so many junk products that are very expensive, I do spend quite a bit of time and effort on finding affordable products.   For some I am still a big spender, and for some I am thrifty.   Like a lot of things in life, it is a matter of perspective.   Anyway, if you are looking for guidance and/or assistance in achieving better audio fidelity, this is the place for you.   I hope to provide information that eliminates some of the pitfalls that I have encountered on my journey.   In addition, once you start obtaining gear that you enjoy, it can transform your audio experience into something that is extremely joyful and magical.   To learn more about this great hobby, select one of the buttons above (on the ribbon of color)!